What are Fractal Vibes
What are FractalVibes You Ask?

Everything on the planet vibrates at a specific frequency ... everything.

Simply put ... our inspired fractal images are designed using sacred geometry, high frequency numbers and colors. This combination creates an elevated, amplified energy or vibration, which aids to increase the vibration of everything they come in contact with. Be it a Wall Tapestry , a Fractal Art Canvas hanging in your home or office, a blouse you wear,  a Crystal Meditation Energy Grid or Calm Power Meditation Kit to use when meditating; each of these designs raises the vibration, increasing the positive energy of the space,  or person in which it comes into contact. 

Using computer programs to process massive amounts of data, we are able to create high frequency fractals using sacred number combination, and use those fractals with divine inspiration to design images that are not only accurate in terms of high frequency energy but are also artistically appealing.

FractalVibes, inspired designs are artistically shaped energy imprinted on matter. They are unique artistic creations that will bring into your space, the energy spectrum of the universal field with the same vibration as its own, that is, with which it resonates in harmony. Harmony and resonance are passed on to the surrounding space and bio-systems.

In general fractals, are geometric figures that contain, within their structure, an infinity of repeating self-similar shapes; at the same time, the whole is reflected in each and every pixel of the fractal image. By magnifying any part of it we get the totality, similar in shape and structure to the initial and baseline whole.

In nature, fractal patterns can be found in snowflakes, clouds, mountain ranges, in the human DNA, in the composition of our blood and lymph systems, in the structure of a leaf. Nature builds itself upon fractal forms.

Creation of FractalVibes Imagery is a process of weaving threads between energy and matter. The purpose of creating our inspired fractal images is to assist in amplifying and materializing intentions; the energies of our aspirations, wants and needs at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels – energies which make up our Essential Being.

The energy of a FractalVibes  image penetrates much deeper than we could possibly imagine. 

Amplify your intentions with the FractalVibes Collection for home or office

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