Meet the Designers - Regina Hucks and Diana Wesley
Meet the Creative Duo - Regina Hucks and Diana Wesley

The friendship started about 17 years ago - over the internet. One lived in Texas and the other in Oregon but, as we all know, inspiration and motivation travel via the most unexpected means and these two creative, like minds connected to began their journey. 

Diana Wesley has been creating intuitive artwork using fractal imagery since early 1999. Many of these fractal images were used as exercise tools in her therapy sessions with children with learning challenges, leading to the creation of the highly acclaimed interactive software series, Relax Rejuv for Everyone, Relax Rejuv for Kids and the Wellness BREAK. 

She is a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has taught advanced methods of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TAT (Tapas Acupuncture Technique), BSFF (Be Set Free Fast), Level I, II, III, and Master Level classes in Usui Reiki, along with the processes that she co-created, Life Force PSYCHtherapy™ and TAPpoint™ Energy Psychology Systems. Diana now lives on the Little Salmon River in Pollock, Idaho with her soul mate, Ab and her dog Bodhi.

Regina Hucks has pursued an education in alternative therapies since the age of 13. Raised by a University Professor of Quantum Physics and a Master Chef, it’s no wonder she chose to study the science behind healing through alternative therapies. She holds Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy (CA) and Therapeutic Massage (LMT). Her focus over the years has been working with the chronically ill, depression and anxiety disorders and all forms of dementia. Regina now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona ... with the heat ... and cactus.

Both of these women have vast and successful backgrounds in sales, marketing, management, etc. but their passions continually fell to creating tools to enhance and enrich people’s health, psyche and spirit.

Put these two in a bag, add a PC and a MAC, shake it up and voila` ... in 2006, they launched their first venture together, (the forerunner to, introducing a line of silk healing scarves used by chiropractors, massage therapists and other healing practitioners around the world.   In 2009, a series of manifesting and Ho'oponopono healing tools was created and in 2010, they again co-created a line of Sacred Healing Chakra Symbols, introducing the 8th Ascension Chakra and its Sacred symbol.

Why FractalVibes? Well on May 22, 2017, the conversation went something like this.  "I hate shopping for clothes.” “Me too, especially when the fashion industry turns a blind eye to bigger women or older woman-  you know, still fashion conscious women with less than perfect body. Polka dots, horizontal stripes or boring designs that enhance the size and shape.  What is it?  Either designers don't care or think bigger women can't look fashionable, no matter what they design!”

“Hey, we've been wearing our scarf designs as fashion accessories for years. Why don't we use our inspired fractal images and create a line of clothing that looks beautiful, feels good, and complements a larger frame and while we're at it, we can scale them down for those smaller women with exquisite taste!” “OK. Let's do it."  

So, on June 6, was registered and the creation process began! In perfect harmony, so began the process of first creating tools to enhance vibration, raise frequency and aid the emotional, spiritual and physical healing process.

Our goal is to continue to create high vibration images using our inspired high frequency fractal designs and apply them to useful tools to aid in enhancing your personal vibration and frequency in home or office, as well as design apparel that looks great on any body and makes you feel good to wear it.

We all look at our bodies with a critical eye spotting those imperfections and often dwelling on them.  In 2018, our line will include our "I'm Perfect” apparel line, designed to give any size man or woman a sense of freedom, the feel of luxury and the beauty of high fashion at affordable prices.

For now, we offer Inspired Fractal Designs to enhance your meditation practice and enrich the energy of your home or office with designs for wall art and other unique finds.

Amplify your intentions with the FractalVibes ollection for Home or Office

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